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We are not just another Honor Society

Omicron-Psi members are dedicated to becoming active participants in community activities. We recognize the need to reach out and make the difference in our homes and neighborhoods. As members we continually press on towards a higher purpose. That purpose is one that lies outside of ourselves and reaches into the depths of others. Too many in our society have taken a non-involvement nap yet awaken just long enough to complain about the environment in which they are a part of. We assess the needs of our environment and take an active position in helping others. It is important to become part of the solution, to remain inactive is to remain part of the problem.

Always keep in mind that Omicron-Psi stands for Duty, Honor and Service. As an Omicron-Psi Chapter you are dedicating yourself to continually encourage your chapter members to live by Omicron-Psi standards of conduct in every aspect of their lives.

Be dedicated to become the example for future generations.


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